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RapidFlex Mini-Cuff (Blue 1 3/8”)

HS5000H5In Stock RapidFlex Mini-Cuff (Blue 1 3/8”)

The Hide-A-Hose RapidFlex Mini-Cuff connects the hose to a Ready Grip Direct Connect handle.

The Mini-Cuff also offers the convenience of connecting directly to accessories included in the tool kits.

This cuff is 1 3/8” and will only fit the Rapid Flex hose.  (See HS5000H4 for a SmartSoc hose cuff.)

The mini-cuff acts as a stop when the hose is retracted into the valve.  If the cuff comes off the hose, screw the cuff back into the hose, counterclockwise, until it is firmly seated against the end of the hose.  If the end of the hose has been damaged, trim off 2” – 3” with sharp scissors before installing the new cuff.  Do not retract the hose without the cuff.

(If additional friction is needed to hold the hose in place when closing the valve door, the mini-cuff accepts 1 or 2 O-Rings.  See Part#HS500123)