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EBK 250 Battery Power Brush with Wand and Charger

EBK 250In Stock EBK 250 Battery Power Brush with Wand and Charger

The EBK 250 Battery Power Brush is a versatile and powerful addition to your Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System.

Equipped with interchangeable brush rollers, the EBK 250 adapts effortlessly to different surfaces including hard floors, rugs, and carpets. Its LED lighting reveals dust and debris in poorly lit areas, while the ambient lighting adds a touch of sophistication to its practical design. The on-wand rechargeable battery pack delivers 90 minutes of full performance.

With a 9.8 inch working width, the EBK 250 facilitates comfortable and efficient cleaning. Additionally, its integrated on-board cleaning tool swiftly removes tangled hair and threads from the brush roller, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.